We have an exciting announcement to make, the upcoming episode of our award-winning podcast is going to be fantastic. Our hosts, Mel and Ken, share their expert advice on how to approach every aspect of life with professionalism, integrity, and intention, just like a world-class athlete.In the last episode, Ken made a brilliant statement about how one must approach training or being an Olympian for life. The key to achieving success in athletics is first and foremost an identity shift, where one must adopt the mindset and execution of a professional athlete and perfect their form for maximum effectiveness in every exercise.

Our hosts encourage you to check out our award-winning programs to help you achieve this mindset and level of execution. You can access them through Chaostheric.com or our social media pages on Instagram and Facebook.In this episode, Mel goes in-depth about the importance of connecting your passion for work to your personal values and identifying yourself as an elite person in your workouts or work.

She shares her own experience as part of the KTF World community and anticipates this fantastic episode will help many individuals improve aspects of their lives.Our hosts believe in stacking evidence before making a statement and admitting they could be wrong and open to evolving their ideas. They advocate for training and fueling oneself to live their best life because our bodies age, and we only have one, so it's crucial to treat it well.

We also discuss the importance of physical and nutritional fitness for sustaining energy throughout the day, improving overall quality of life, and how having a high level of fitness spills over into other areas of life. Our speakers suggest treating oneself like an Olympic athlete to improve one's life and how focusing on health, fitness, and wellness can help individuals manage external stress better.Don't miss this exciting episode, subscribe, and listen to our podcast here. See you next time!